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HengBo team assisted ALPHA ANIMATION ANDCULTURE CO.,LTD in wining invalidation case No. 5W111557
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Type of caseRequest for patent invalidation

Title of inventionDouble-sided vehicle


PatenteeYuping MING

Decision No.31840

Brief of the case: The claimant put forward a request for invalidation to Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO on November 22, 2016, the reasons of which is that the patent involved does not conform to provisions of Articles 22.2, 22.3 and 26.4 of the Patent Law of China, as well as Article 20.2 of the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law of China, the evidences provided as follows:

        1U.S. patent 5667420A

        2Chinese utility model patent 202460120U

        3Chinese invention patent 1122552C

        4U.S. patent 20120009846A1

        5Chinese utility model patent 2612432Y

Result: Invalidation for all claims