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The Invalidation Decision No. 562620 Of The China National Intellectual Property Administration Declares All Invention Patents For “Telecommunications Networks And Methods For Time-Based Network Access ” Were Invalid.
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On January 5, 2024, the China National Intellectual Property Administration issued an invalidation decision No. 562620, declaring all patent rights owned by RRoyal KPN N.V. and entitled "Telecommunications Networks and Methods for Time-based Network Access" were all invalid.


After accepting the client's entrustment, the Hengbo team conducted a large number of arduous searches and finally successfully invalidated the patent.


The decision held that although the patentee adopted a further restrictive method of amending the claims in formality, the technical solution of the revised claims was not documented in the original application documents and could not be determined directly and without any doubt. Therefore, The modified text is out of scope and will not be accepted. If the technical features that distinguish a claim from the closest reference document are partly disclosed by other reference documents and partly are common knowledge in the field, then the technical solution claimed by the claim does not have outstanding substantive features and significant progress, and does not possess inventive step.


According to legal provisions, if the patentee is dissatisfied with the invalidation decision, he can file an administrative lawsuit with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court within three months.