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The China National Intellectual Property Administration’s Invalidation Decision No. 561045 Declares All Utility Model Patents For “ A Flexible Printed Circuit Board For Composite Sensors ” Invalid.
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On September 5, 2023, the China National Intellectual Property Administration issued an invalidation decision No. 561045, declaring that the patent rights owned by  Beijing Down Science and Technology Development Ltd. and titled " A Flexible Printed Circuit Board For Composite Sensors " are all invalid.


This case is the second invalidation of the patent, and the first-instance judgment of civil infringement of the patent involved has determined that the infringement was established (the client has appealed). In the case of tight time and heavy tasks, the Hengbo team accepted the client's entrustment. After carefully analyzing the prior decision-making, and extensively searching and making full preparations, Hengbo filed an invalidation request on behalf of the client, and finally the invalidation decision No. 561045 decided the patent was invalid in its entirety.


The decision held that: If there is a distinguishing technical feature between the technical solution of a claim and the closest reference document, but the distinguishing technical feature has been disclosed by another reference document in the same field, and their roles are the same as that of solving actual technical problems in this patent, then the technical solution in the claim does not involve inventive step.



According to legal provisions, if the patentee is dissatisfied with the invalidation decision, he can file an administrative lawsuit with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court within three months.