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Hengbo Acted for Alpha Group Co., Ltd. Successfully Defending against Competitor TOMY 's Invalidation Offense to Patent-Battle-Type Gyro
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On April 7, 2017, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) issued the invalidation decision No. 31820, announcing that all the patent rights of utility model, entitled " battle-type gyro ", owned by Alpha Group Co., Ltd. were valid (The picture is for reference only and has no direct relationship).

After accepting the client's entrustment, the Hengbo team made a lot of meticulous preparations, including successfully pointing out the flaws of the other party's evidence and the technical understanding errors, and finally successfully maintaining the patent right in entirety.

According to the law, the patentee, who is dissatisfied with the invalidation decision, can file an administrative lawsuit request with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court within three months.

The specific content of the invalidation decision can be found in the Annex: Invalidation Decision No. 31820.

Invalidation Decision No. 31820.