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Electrical agent recruitment


monthly salary for post10000-20000yuan

working placeBeijing

work experienceone to three years

minimum educationbachelor degree or above

number of recruitersten

type of positionintellectual property right/ patent consultant/agent


Post responsibility:

1Responsible for writing application documents, processing the patent application affairs, response to notification of Office Action;

2Communication with R&D persons for technical excavation and patent analysis of patented technology;

3 Assist and independently handle patent invalidation, patent reexamination, and patent administrative litigation.

Service requirements:

1Having at least 2 years working experience in patent agency, and preferably having patent agent qualification certificate or license;


2Majors containing information and communication engineering, electronic science and engineering, electrical engineering and its automation, microelectronics, computer science and technology, optical information science and technology, electrical information and the like;

3Having good command of English or a good knowledge of one of English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and other languages, as well as having experiences in inter-translation on technical documents;

4Having the strong ability of literal expression and logical analysis, as well as careful thinking;

5Having strict, conscientious and responsible working attitude, as well as good professional accomplishment;

6A person with an agent's license is preferentially employed.